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Welcome to V&L International ...

"It's a small world." As technology and economics converge at the beginning of the new millennium, this old adage is increasingly true for business. The opportunity for growth through success in international commerce has never been greater. With this heightened opportunity, however, comes a new set of rules and unique challenges for each new market.

V&L International's goal is to support our clients as they compete in new and complex international environments through effective communication. Quite simply, V&L facilitates communication, in all of its forms and all of its languages.

To this end, V&L offers a broad range of communication services that blend linguistics and culture with technical and creative resources. Our linguistic and cultural resources are unparalleled, representing more than 250 international markets. Our technical resources include multimedia and on-line programmers as well as highly-specialized subject experts. V&L's extensive creative resources can be called upon to incorporate high-quality layout, graphic design, writing, music, and video content, as well as international actors experienced in voice-overs, video and film. By effectively blending these resources, V&L provides each client with high-quality, accurate communication tailored to each specific international market.

Applying its linguistic and cultural expertise, V&L empowers our clients with the information they need to navigate internationally. Aside from translation, interpreting, and country-specific cultural issues, V&L conducts direct and secondary research to determine the requirements for optimizing clients' performance in foreign markets, thousands of miles from headquarters. Not only can V&L identify and address technical infrastructure issues, but also cross-cultural training needs, import/export factors, and other unforeseen costs or potential pitfalls. V&L helps managers by answering up-front feasibility questions, while providing them with an accurate and realistic picture of the business, linguistic and cultural facets of an international project. The in-depth understanding we provide enhances our clients' credibility in the international arena, and helps them avoid costly errors.

We hope that you will explore our Web site to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how V&L can help you in the worldwide marketplace!


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