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About V&L International, LLC

Founded in 1994, V&L has worked with a wide range of industries, from entertainment companies to law firms, consultants to computer giants, e-commerce providers to pharmaceutical companies. We have completed projects involving everything from multimedia CD-ROMs to camera-ready annual reports, from integrated Web sites to film and video. In addition to translation and localization services, V&L has conducted cross-cultural training in a number of international venues, integrating a range of highly-specific subject areas.

V&L is fairly unique in using a multinational management team to approach international challenges. Our managers are defined by extensive global experience in business, in formal education, and in their lives. This experience is combined with the sound project management skills required to link linguistic and cultural resources seamlessly with technical staff, whether they be sound technicians, software developers, Web site programmers, or experts in telecommunications or biochemical engineering. By combining the highest caliber of technical know-how in each project with optimal linguistic and cultural resources, we ensure excellence in our end results ... every time.

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