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Affiliate Program

V&L International offers approved individuals and companies the ability to earn a generous commission by referring V&L's services. Under the program, our affiliates receive the following benefits:

  • V&L pays its affiliates its highest level of commission on new clients and/or new projects stemming from an affiliate's referral.
  • For each subsequent project with an affiliate-referred client throughout the period of the affiliate agreement, V&L continues to remit commission to the affiliate.
  • Where the affiliate is also an associate of V&L (a service provider in linguistics, technology or another field), V&L will give the affiliate preference in job assignments, where possible given the best interests of the client.

Our affiliate program is different from many others in several respects. Not only do we pay a higher rate to our affiliates and remit "residual" commission for repeat business stemming from a referral, but we allow our affiliates to determine their own level of effort. Since we offer the highest level of commission on new projects as well as new clients, an affiliate could act as a sales agent for V&L and receive commission at the highest rate every time he or she sells a new project. Optionally, the affiliate can simply hand off the client, and still receive payment each time they contract with V&L ... simply from making a one-time referral.

If you are currently working with international or multinational clients and are interested in becoming a V&L affiliate, please send us some information about what you do and how you feel we can work together. Your e-mail can be sent to info@vnli.com, and someone on our staff will contact you to make your acquaintance and work out the details.

If you would like to learn more about V&L, please feel free to contact us!


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