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V&L International's Knowledge Center offers international research and operations support to assist our clients who are currently conducting business in other countries, as well as those who are contemplating such a move. These requests are typically of a broad nature, such as "What is involved in establishing a facility in France?" or "What data communications services are offered in South Korea?"

To answer this type of question, V&L's Knowledge Center conducts extensive research to obtain the most complete and reliable answers to guide our clients' decision-making objectives. We pore through Web sites, news databases, and appropriate publications, taking full advantage of native language resources as well as those in English. We utilize our worldwide network of associates to speak directly with in-country resources and diplomatic resources to get clarification on any issues uncovered in the research. We then apply subject experts to assist in our analysis, who work with the linguists to resolve any issues of a technical nature.

To facilitate a specific research project, V&L utilizes experts in a range of fields along with linguists. Administrative experts understand the ramifications of taxation and immigration requirements for a specific country. Where appropriate, technical experts may be brought into a project to clarify the level of development of the local telephone or data infrastructure. Depending on the request, V&L may make use of cultural resources to better enable our clients to make sound decisions and identify possible problem areas. The key to V&L's success in this area is that we efficiently integrate the work of linguists, analysts and technical experts to provide a thorough understanding of the issues.

In addition to these larger research requests, a client may have a simple but important question that is extremely difficult to answer due to an international component. V&L can instantly find answers to seemingly straightforward questions like how to access the Internet in Budapest, the cost of office space in Buenos Aires, or when the Japanese delegation will be arriving in Washington, D.C. V&L can accommodate this type of request quickly by using a qualified linguist to do the groundwork, thereby saving our client time and ensuring the reliability of the information.

Similarly, a client may want to know quickly and concisely what a document is about, or simply have someone go on-line and use native-language resources to find an answer. To facilitate this, V&L uses a technical linguist to read and summarize a document, with an emphasis on quick turnaround and hitting the most important points. Upon receipt of the summary, the client may then request a full translation of the document, or may be satisfied with having answered the question at hand.

V&L's Knowledge Center brings the most powerful resources in language, technology, analysis and international contacts to bear in each and every research project. Our worldwide network of associates includes key people at all levels of business, government, diplomacy, and journalism, as well as our linguistic, cultural and technical experts. With this unique and diverse team, V&L's Knowledge Center is the source for answers to international questions.



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